Khera Plastichem Ltd is a leading manufacturer of PVC stabilizers in India. We have more than 40 years of experience,serving the PVC processing industry providing the best quality stabilizers to our valued customers.

The success of the business is mainly due to its constant ability to provide customers with high quality products, technical assistance and solutions for their ever changing needs.

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We are one of the key player that connects and grows the chemical industry with our knowledge and expertise. Since our establishment 40 years ago we have been preferred supplier of PVC manufacturing companies across the world.


All our products are backed by quality guarantee and we make sure that every product that we supply confirm to international standards. We have passed a series of quality control checks before they reach our customers.


Since 1979 we have been a preferred supplier to some of the biggest names in the PVC manufacturing Industry.

Strict Quality Control

Our strict QC procedures are inspected regularly to confirm to highest international standards along with our R&D that constantly strive hard to produce best quality product before they reach our customers.

Khera has been a leading manufacturer of PVC stabilizers for 40 years. We are a market-oriented group and our exceptional product quality combined with rich experience in the broad and diverse requirements of the industries. Apart from that, our experience also helps us to offer personalized products to our customers with a rich tradition of unshakable quality and reliability.

We bring together a unique combination of modern value-added research and in-depth knowledge of the chemical industry.

In addition, with our solid knowledge, we provide high quality, flexible and reliable processes while ensuring efficient use of resources and reduced costs

Why us?

Customized Orders

The orders are customized by our technical experts according to the final product being manufactured which gives the best quality in the lowest cost possible.

Quality Standards

All our chemicals are appreciated for their durability, technical specifications, color fastness, and other required conditions.

Competitive Pricing

Removing any kind of budget barrier, we have set competitive prices for our products. We are always in a quest for making cost effective special chemicals through consistent R&D.

Our Dedicated Team

Our professionals keep themselves abreast of the changing chemical industry and we remain in close contact with our customers to get useful feedback to make required changes in our offered collection.


Based in New Delhi, capital city of India.

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